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Welcome to Threads Video Downloader !

Threads Video Downloader is a Online tool. You can download easily threads video by following simple steps given below. Moreover, Threads is a social networking platform owned by Meta Platforms. Threads offers users a real-time conversation and sharing platform, similar to Twitter, with a focus on microblogging. As an independent project, our site aims to make it easy for you to download videos shared on the Threads platform.

How to download Threads Video online ?

Threads Video Downloader is a free online Threads downloader tool. Threads photos and videos can be downloaded and saved for free with no cost. Simply paste the link and download the video/photo. To download a video from Threads, simply copy the link and paste it into the Text field above.

Step by Step guide on Threads Video Downloader, which is easy to use and simple. Just follow below steps:

  1. Open the Threads app and explore the platform to find the video you wish to download.
  2. Find the post with media you wish to download.
  3. Select ‘Copy Link.’ from the share button within the Threads app.
  4. Now Visit ‘’ website.
  5. Copy & Paste the copied URL into the Empty text area.
  6. Click the Download button on the right to download video.
  7. Congrats! Your video will downloaded!

What is Threads ?

Threads is a new app from the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The website looks similar to Twitter, with a feed of largely text-based posts — While, Users can also post photos and videos — where people can have real-time conversations.

Where is Threads available?

Threads available more than 100 countries and 30 languages via Apple’s iOS and Android, according to the company.

faq’s – related to threads video downloader online

Is is free to Use?

Yes! Threads Video Downloader is a 100% free tool, allowing you to download your Threads videos without any fees involved.

No, there are no limits on downloading videos from this tool. You can download free videos as many as you want!

Yes, You can download HD Quality threads videos in our tool.

You need to copy the video URL from the Threads app and paste it into the Text field on our website. Click the “Download” button, and then saved to your device.

We are not affiliated or endorsed by Threads. We do not host any videos or images on our servers. All rights belong to their respective owners.